We want to be a space where you can see Permaculture systems in operation.
A space for inspiration, featuring solutions applicable to other contexts.

Mandala garden
Our garden is round. In it, we grow regular vegetables as well as other edible or useful perennials, aromatics, medicinal plants and flowers. It is surrounded by a fence made by hand with hazelnut and broom and is irrigated with the water that comes from the house’s natural grey water treatment plant. It’s a vegetable garden, but also a space to contemplate and commune with Nature.

Domestic natural grey water treatment plant
We recycle all the grey water from the house with a simple natural treatment plant and this is the main source of irrigation for the garden.

Around 60% of the water used in a house goes down the toilet, thus creating a problem (water more difficult to purify) and wasting two resources (water and compost). The dry toilet (or composting toilet) is a simple solution to this. We made ours by recycling pallets.

No-dig vegetable beds
We avoid tilling to respect the structure of the soil.

Food forest
We are beginning to implant “guilds” … that is, groups of edible and useful plants that accompany our trees.

We are experimenting with lightweight constructions, like this tool shed, made from recycled pallets, straw and raw earth. The shed also has a green roof.

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